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Our History

After more than ten years of development, Huinuo's business demand has increased day by day. In order to meet the expansion of productivity, in 2020, the company purchased about 10 acres of land and built its own plant. There is now a workshop of 20,000 square meters. The company's business scope expands to the development, production, and sales of various raw materials and accessories of the projection screens. Strictly control the quality of each product, which is more favorable to control production costs. Provide customers with more price advantages and high -quality products. The company's main products include electric curtains, hand -drawn screens, branches, drawing frames, engineering curtains, and projector accessories. At the same time, customized services are provided to customers to meet customers' various needs for special products; Professionals are responsible, and products are all over the world. The company has always been committed to pursuing high -quality, fine, beautiful, new products, and competitive product prices and supply speed, perfect service quality, in order to achieve a perfect state. We support the minimum order and provide free trials for new products. We are willing to let customers understand us first, grow together, and achieve win -win cooperation!

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