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What are the advantages of frame screens?


A picture frame curtain is a curtain fixed to the wall, and its structure is relatively simple. The picture frame curtain can be fixed on the outside through an aluminum metal frame, and the curtain can be directly pulled flat and straight. There are many types of screens, and among them, frame screens are more popular, which is also closely related to their own advantages. So, what are the advantages of frame screens?

One major advantage of a frame screen is its high flatness, which makes it less prone to wrinkles after installation, so its overall viewing effect is also very good. Price is also a major advantage of frame screens. The price of frame screens is not very high, and many friends usually choose lower priced frame screens when choosing curtains. Independent audio and video rooms are also suitable for installing picture frames and curtains, as they have dedicated walls for installing curtains. Speakers can be installed behind the screen, and the entire independent audio and video room is relatively closed, so it is basically free of dust and can maintain the cleanliness of the screen.
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